Are you dreaming of your own sailing experience? Our beginner skipper training program provides the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with nautical skills and establish a fundation for safe and confident boat handling.

Why Choose Our Training?

1.Experienced Instructors: Our skipper training experts provide a personalized approach tailored to your current experience level.

2.Flexibility: Our training adapts to your schedule.

3.Hands-On Learning: Education is more than theory. Our training includes practical exercises at sea to provide you with real-world experience.

What Does Our Training Program Offer?

1.Familiarization with Equipment and Vessel Systems: Learn all about the equipment and systems on board, building a solid foundation for your future sailing adventures.

2.Docking and Departing from Ports/Marinas: Master the skills of safe and efficient docking and departing from various ports and marinas.

3.Anchoring: Learn how to choose the right anchoring position and execute anchoring with ease.

4.Practical Maneuvers: Perfect bow, stern, and lateral mooring, building confidence in various situations.

5.Navigation and Collision Avoidance: Develop navigation skills and collision avoidance techniques at sea, ensuring the safety of your sailing journeys.

6.Meteorology: Understand the basics of meteorology to better plan your sailing routes and avoid undesirable weather conditions.

7.Safety at Sea: Learn about "man overboard" maneuvers, use safety equipment, and develop safety procedures at sea.

8.Skipper's Procedure in Emergencies: Find out how to react properly in case of an emergency, ensuring your safety and the safety of your crew.

Become a skilled skipper who understands all aspects of sailing and is confident in their knowledge, ready to set sail. Apply for our training and discover the joy of sailing!

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